What is Recover Vibe?

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Recover Vibe is a Montreal based company founded with the mission of helping the world recover faster and live a pain free lifestyle through the help of percussion therapy, compression therapy, and more.
Our Mission
At Recover Vibe, we focus on getting your recovery to the next level. As athletes, we understand the importance of taking care of your body for the longevity of your career and health. Our goal is to provide quality and high performance massage guns that are affordable for all our customers. We are here to serve and educate our customers and the community about the benefits of self care and percussion therapy.

What Do We Provide?

Quality & High Performance Products

Recover Vibe focuses on providing powerful, durable, and quality products that meet your needs. All our massage devices include a 1-Year Warranty with an optional extended warranty of 3 years.


We focus on serving, our customer. Message us on Facebook and Instagram at @RecoverVibe or fill out the form on the"Contact Us" page.

Community Involvement, Education, and Growth

Our Ambassador Program aids in spreading the knowledge and the importance of self care not only for athletes but non-athletes as well.

About Us