Our Founder

-Lens-Harly Louis
Recover Vibe was founded by a young entrepreneur named Lens-Harly Louis. The student-athlete competed at one of the highest level of college basketball in both the United States and Canada. Due to recurring injuries and multiple orthopedic surgeries, he was forced to find a way to stay healthy and on top of his game. After discovering the benefits of his products, he decided to go on a mission to help other suffering from the same type of issues.

What is Our Mission?

At Recover Vibe, we focus on improving the health and wellness of the community by providing professional-grade recovery and wellness equipment to promote injury prevention, decrease in recovery time, increase in performance, and overall welfare.

Quality & High Performance Products

Recover Vibe focuses on providing powerful, durable, and quality products that meet your recovery needs. Our percussion devices include a 1-Year Warranty and all our products include a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Our team is dedicated to helping and serving you every needs. Contact us by email or on any of our social media platforms at anytime.

Community Involvement, Education, and Growth

Our ambassador program consists of physical therapists, athleteic trainers, massage therapists, and other help professionals that have the same vision as Recover Vibe to help the community life healthier and pain-free.

About Us