About Us

A message from the founder, Lens-Harly Louis:

My story is one of basketball, my passion for the game, and the multiple injuries I suffered throughout my career. From a bilateral knee operation in 2013 to a surgery in 2019, my basketball career was a constant battle against my body staying healthy.

Seeking for a way to be able to treat my various aches and pains on my own, I discovered the benefits of percussion therapy. Seeing the instant impact the Recover Vibe Pro had on not only sore muscles, but athletic performance, quality of sleep, and more, I realized that people around the world could also benefit from it. 

Recover Vibe is a Montreal based company founded with the mission of helping the world recover faster and live a pain free lifestyle through the help of percussion therapy, compression therapy, and more.

As a certified exercise therapy specialist, my purpose is to educate about health and wellness as well as providing industry-leading products to alleviate pain, reduce soreness, increase performance, and help people all around the world through their journey.

I am happy to have helped thousands of people recover faster and feel better since 2020 and I am looking forward to help thousands more.

What's your story?

Feel free to reach out to me personally at llouis@recovervibe.com.

Lens-Harly Louis