VibeCare protection

The Simplest Way To Protect Your Recover Vibe Products

How does VibeCare Protection Work?

It's simple! At the time of purchase of a Recover Vibe Product, you will be prompt to add VibeCare Protection to your cart. You can also add it to your cart right away!

So why consider VibeCare? Here is what's included:

Stress-Free Replacement

During the first year of your warranty,  ALL COSTS, including shipping, will be covered for any repairs or replacements, no questions asked.

Future Repairs Discount

Save 40% on future repairs once your product is out of warranty following your Stress-Free Replacement, even accidental damages!

Power-Up Discount

Get exclusive discounts on upgrades and stay up to date with the latest version of your Recover Vibe product. No need to trade it in, you get to keep yours.

Special Offers

Get VibeCare Members-Only discounts and exclusive offers.

VibeCare Protection Eligible Products

*VibeCare Protection is only offered for purchases made on and must be purchased on the same order number as your Recover Vibe product. Only eligible for products purchased in North America. View VibeCare Protection Terms and Conditions.